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Engineer-y Synth ExtraordinaireWhat's not to love?

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Work is back to being Hell (TM) so no streams are in the timeline for the foreseeable future. Hopefully things get resolved soon, because I would LOVE to hit that "Start Streaming" button and see y'all's lovely names in chat again.If you want to keep up to date on what's going on and when I (eventually) decide to go live, the places to stay in the know are on the Fediverse, Twitter and Tumblr. Though uh, Tumblr is 99% reblogs.Also, the community Discord server is a great place to stay in the know. For safety, there's a manual approval step, though will be removed in due time.For some rules (if you're a nerd), check out the Community Rules page and, for the extra curious, how the strike system works. Have at it.

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Howdy! I used to (and am getting back to) streaming whatever games I feel like playin' - though it'll probably be a lot of Splatoon. So much Splatoon. Outside of streams, I'm an electrical engineer working to make the grid better than ever. At least, hopefully.It really shouldn't come as a surprise that I'm a furry, given my past D&D characters have consisted of a sorcerer Warforged, a bard/paladin Dragonborn, and now a artificer Kobold. I love my gremlins so much.


  1. No discrimination. Period. You will be punished appropriately for it. Homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, misogyny, antisemitism, etc. are not tolerated. Nazism, pedophilia, groomer rhetoric, etc. will result in an immediate ban.

  2. Keep it roughly PG-13. While Discord and Twitch are 18+ spaces now, I don't want y'all to be swearing like a sailor, nor do I want NSFW stuff everywhere. If it's gorey/bloody, put it under a spoiler and give content warning(s) as appropriate - smut and porn will not be allowed, period. Suggestive posts are in a gray area - spoil and content warn it.

  3. In Discord, Please use content warnings and spoilers for mental health talk and use #vent-and-politics. Some mental health talk on Twitch is fine, however I am not a therapist and cannot help you other than direct you to local resources.

  4. To aid in moderation, Please respond to friend requests or DMs from myself. I have my DMs open to people in shared servers, and while I don't expect the same from you, I might need to be able to reach out to you should something occur.

  5. Above all, Be nice, don't be toxic. I don't want to harbor people who are routinely extra harsh on others for no reason. If a conversation gets heated, either take it to DMs or step away from the server.

Both the Twitch TOS and Community Guidelines apply when I'm streaming, and are good places to start if you aren't sure of what is and isn't allowed.Also, hold me to these same standards - if you think I'm violating a rule, tell me! I can't expect to hold y'all to anything higher than I hold myself to. Yes, I know that's a hard thing to do, but please. If you think there's something I'm not doing that I'm saying y'all should be doing, say so!


From helping moderate other servers, I've found that a "warning -> strike -> kick/ban" system works fairly well for handling problems from a "offering some grace while still enforcing rules" standpoint. All infractions on both Discord (and Twitch, if possible) are logged with screenshots in a channel visible to all mods.Here's the loose structure if you're unfamiliar.
Any step can be skipped at any time depending on the severity of the infraction.

  • Warnings are simply that. They don't count towards strikes unless it becomes a routine problem, and can either be issued privately in DMs, or publicly if it's something that deserves to be a public reminder.

  • Strikes are either upgraded from repeat warnings for one problem, or more serious cases that need more than a warning, but don't warrant a kick or ban. What qualifies as a strike varies on the action, intent, and how it affected others, and so is somewhat nebulous. Strikes will always be logged and sent out in DMs (though we'll publicly say this is being dealt with if it's egregious enough, and those affected ask), and over time can be removed with good behavior. We are talking like, many months of good behavior. Not days.

  • Kicks and Bans are issued when a member continually violates server rules and builds up strikes, or their infraction is so damaging that it must be immediately dealt with. As with warnings and strikes, these are logged, and kick evasion will lead to a full-on IP ban from Discord. A brief message to the individual will only be sent out if the kick is a result of multiple strikes, and the community will be informed of the course of action.

You are more than welcome to DM myself to appeal a strike or kick, though I cannot say that your appeal will always go through or not. Bans, however, are not contestable. If you're banned, you're gone forever.